Web Development & Illustration
A company established in Puerto Rico. Since the company has extensive product demands, they start an initiative to formalize its branding. This project is my first web development from scratch in WordPress. 
Since I didn't have a team to work with, I reviewed their website to understand the problem. First, I noticed that the site doesn't contain effective content that connects with the audience. So my big challenge was to analyze the content I already have and collect information about the company's services and products to optimize and get a better understanding of what topics I need to cover to develop a good content strategy.
I created a site map to get the structure to develop the new website (see below). I proposed to have a clean design, quality content, and a practical layout.
After having good content, I started working with the color and images for a new redesign brand. Finally, I create illustrations for each main headline.  I used Adobe Illustrator to develop every visual design on the website. (see below)
As a result, I delivered a complete website that can meet users' expectations and fulfills business goals. By working with this site, I've learned more about user research, content strategy, WordPress, and plugins; I get more confident through the process. In addition, I show by doing this website my knowledge of good web design, illustrations, hierarchy, and contrast.
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