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Hello! I'm a graphic and UX/UI designer with over six years of in-house experience. I graduated from the Graphic Design and Web Development program as a Valedictorian student in 2022 at F.I.R.S.T. Institute in Florida to stay current on all digital platforms and trends in the technology world. Throughout my career, I have combined my expertise in both areas to create innovative, modern, and trendsetting designs.

"I aim to deliver innovative and impactful design solutions that exceed client expectations"

​I'm a person who has a high passion for digital design. I found myself interested in UX/UI Design, Web Development, or areas where I can create and find solutions to a problem. Over the years, I have improved my graphic design skills and creative thinking. Also, I'm very comfortable in a fast-paced environment. Time management and prioritizing tasks are a few of my strengths. I'm inquisitive. I like to learn new ways of designing and solving problems. When it's time to create, I'm all technique and always looking for simplicity. As a fast learner, my ability to learn things is highlighted in my work; more than a quality is a strength.
I seek to learn what works and change what doesn't work. I am always open to learning and trying new things. I like being challenged, and proving that I can be an asset to your company will always be my goal.
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